How I work

My way of working with people fits everyone who wants to live with more awareness and liberty. The motivation may vary: fear, depression, trauma, grief, relationship issues, curiosity.

During our earliest childhood, we learn to adapt to the situation in which we are growing
up. While adapting, which is needed to survive - literally and metaphorically - we unconsciously withdraw much of our sensitivity and uniqueness. Through the years, we build up our lives; we
go to school, find work, get a relationship, children, hobbies.

But subconsciously we still live with the perspective of our childhood situation, even though that is no longer relevant. In fact, we could all do with
an update, for we are no longer dependent on our parents. Instead, we let ourselves be carried along by the flow of life. All seems well, until it isn’t
any longer. Sickness, divorce, burn-out, grief or simply old age force us to come to a full stop. In such a vulnerable period, old trauma often surfaces. What to do?

From a Buddhist perspective, we are looking at how we have coped
with mildness and respect. We don’t seek to correct or blame ourselves.
We contemplate it all and recognize the all-pervading love and the wisdom,
present in the process of adapting and still a part of it now. Only then we
can be totally present here. That is when wisdom awakens and shows us the next step.

During the intake session, we examine if this work fits you and if we connect. If so, we plan a number of sessions. What is your goal? What
should be the central theme of our talks? In session, we will work with meditation, conversation, visualization and body awareness. If needed, we
apply EMDR trauma treatment. EMDR is also helpful to address early childhood trauma. Because of COVID, there is a preference for (privacy protected) videoconferencing and the telephone.


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